The Trumbull County Board of Developmental Disabilities, also known as The Fairhaven Program, has served residents of Trumbull County with developmental disabilities for over 50 years.

In 1952, the first training class with developmental disabilities was opened in Warren, Ohio for 12 children. A second class was then added at the Jefferson School in Niles to accommodate more students. The success of these two classes opened the doors to a future of limitless possibilities in the field of special education for children with severe developmental disabilities.

In 1962, Trumbull County Commissioners accepted a donated 5-acre parcel of land for the building of the Fairhaven School. Then, in 1967, the Trumbull County Board of Mental Retardation was established through State law and became the governing Board for facilities for persons with disabilities. Fairhaven Industries was then established to provide work opportunities for students once they graduated from the Fairhaven School. Shortly after, the Niles Sheltered Workshop was opened in 1970, the Champion Workshop in 1979 and the North Road Workshop and Board Office in 1997.

Today, Fairhaven offers services to approximately 1,100 individuals with developmental disabilities in Trumbull County. Programs and Services provided by the Board include Early Intervention, Pre-School, School Age, School-to-Work Transition, Adult Services (Fairhaven Industries), Community Employment, Senior Retirement, Service and Support Administration (Case Management), Transportation, Residential Services and Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies.

As one of 88 county organizations across Ohio, Fairhaven provides services and support to individuals of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. It is governed by the Ohio Revised Code and advised by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

The Board consists of a seven-member Governing Board, with five members who are appointed by the Trumbull County Commissioners and two members who are appointed by the Trumbull County Probate Judge.