Wellness Programs

Mission: The Fairhaven Wellness Committee’s mission is to establish a wellness program that supports a healthy culture where employees and individuals we serve make healthier and safer lifestyle choices.

Vision: The Fairhaven Wellness Committee will support and offer resources to assist employees and individuals we serve in choosing a healthy and active lifestyle that motivates them to enhance their quality of well-being in all aspects of their life.


Health Celebrations Newsletter

Tips For Growing Green Beans in Containers

Fairhaven School Walking Club

Participation in the School Walking Club has increased. 4 classes were eligible for special prizes in March and 5 classes were eligible for a yogurt sundae party in May.

Nurturing the Plants

The Fairhaven School students are doing a nice job caring for their green bean plants. They followed instructions from the Master Gardeners - water and sunshine. Here are the results of their efforts thus far.

Master Gardeners

One of our wellness topics is "Grow your own garden." We invited Lee Beers of OSU Extension Trumbull County to the Fairhaven School recently. He spoke to the students about green beans, one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Lee and five volunteer Master Gardeners then helped the students prepare pots of soil and plant seeds. Each classroom will care for their plants and watch them produce flowers. The students learned how to pollinate the flowers to develop the green beans. Happy harvesting!

Volley For A Cure

In support of cancer care at the Hope Center for Cancer in Howland, our employees held multiple fundraisers and events raising a total of $2,546.50. A check was presented to Gary Holt, Hope Center Representative, at the Fairhaven School on February 5, 2018. During November 2017, a Volley For a Cure volleyball tournament was held, where employees and individuals participated and sold pepperoni rolls, t-shirts, and luminaries.

Ed Stark (Superintendent), Olivia Parker (Fairhaven Industries-Niles), Brenda Garland (EMIS
Coordinator), and Gary Holt (Hope Center Representative).

Fairhaven School Walking Club

As part of a commitment to wellness, the Fairhaven School students began a walking club. The gym is open the first 15 minutes of each day to anyone who wishes to walk. Teachers have found this helpful with the students' focus and readiness for their day. A healthy smoothie party was held to celebrate the class who walked the most days in February. Nice going!