Section 3.0 Non Discrimination In Services EEO
Section 3.1 Individuals With Disabilities Non Discrimination
Section 3.2 Cultural Competency Diversity Procedure
Section 3.3 Accessibility
Section 3.4 Employee Reasonable Accommodation
Section 3.5 Notification of Available Positions
Section 3.6 ADA Compliant Procedure
Section 3.7 Applications
Section 3.8 Citizenship And Naturalization
Section 3.9 Evaluation Of Applicants Background Investigations
Section 3.10 Criminal Background Check Requirement For Agencies Under Contract
Section 3.11 Selection Process
Section 3.12 Disqualification
Section 3.13 Certifications Registrations Licenses
Section 3.14 First Aid CPR And AED Training
Section 3.15 Medical Examinations
Section 3.16 Physical Demands
Section 3.17 Drug Free Workplace
Section 3.18 Drug Alcohol Testing Non CDL Employees
Section 3.19 Alcohol and Drug Testing
Section 3.20 Promotion for BU Employees
Section 3.21 Substitutes
Section 3.22 Probation for BU Employees
Section 3.23 Seniority for BU Employees
Section 3.24 Employment Status
Section 3.25 Classified Unclassified Employment
Section 3.26 EEO Harassment Complaint Procedure
Section 3.27 Non Discriminatory Contracts
Section 3.28 Prohibition Of Sexual Harassment And Other Forms
Section 3.29 Personnel Records
Section 3.30 Access And Dissemination Of Personnel Records To Public
Section 3.31 Confidentiality Limitations On Use Of Medical Info
Section 3.32 Employment Of Immediate Family Members
Section 3.33 Workplace Bullying
Section 3.33 Workplace Bullying Form
Section 3.34 Wellness Policy

Section 8.0 Eligibility Determinations
Section 8.1 Waiting List for HCBS
Section 8.2 Pre-Admission Screening Resident Review
Section 8.3 Pre-Admission Screening Resident Review Procedure
Section 8.4 Fees For Services To Eligible Individuals
Section 8.5 Academic Freedom
Section 8.6 Program Year Duration
Section 8.8 Staff Ratio Program Operation
Section 8.9 Major Unusual and Usual Incidents
Section 8.10 Service And Support Administration
Section 8.11 Quality Assurance
Section 8.12 Unlicensed Facilities
Section 8.13 Supported Living Provider Selection System
Section 8.14 Arrangements For Supported Living By CBDD on Behalf Of Individuals
Section 8.15 Supported Living Provider Certification Eval Requirements
Section 8.16 Allocation Distribution of Money Community DD Residential Services Fund
Section 8.17 Contracts Between County DD Boards And Supported Living Providers
Section 8.18 Procedures For Transfer of State Contracts To DD Boards
Section 8.19 Service Funding Policy
Section 8.19.1 Service Funding Needs Assessment Procedure
Section 8.19.2 Medicaid First Policy (Payer of Last Resort)
Section 8.20 Prior Authorization for HCBS Funding
Section 8.21 Disenrollment
Section 8.22 Disenrollment From Services Procedure
Section 8.23 File Content
Section 8.24 Guidelines for Developing HCBS Waiver Billing Activity Forms
Section 8.25 ISP Development
Section 8.26 Behavior Support Rate Modification Policy
Section 8.28 Provider Identification Recruitment
Section 8.29 Adult Services Community Services
Section 8.30 Family Support Services
Section 8.31 Experimental Research Programs Change Process
Section 8.32 Individual Rights and Bill Of Rights
Section 8.32.1 Human Rights Committee
Section 8.33 Employment First
Section 8.34 Complaint Resolution And Appeal Process Policy
Section 8.34 Complaint or Appeal of Adverse Action Explanation Form
Section 8.34.a Complaint Resolution And Appeal Process Informal Procedure
Section 8.34.b Medicaid Waiver Services Appeal Procedure
Section 8.35 Recording of Meetings
Section 8.36 Pre School Program
Section 8.37 Early Intervention Services
Section 8.38 Preschool Orientation Training
Section 8.39 Educational Program Curriculum
Section 8.40 Fairhaven School Safe Reopening
Section 8.41 Use of Face Coverings
Section 8.42 Fairhaven School Nursing Services
Section 8.43 Fairhaven School Dietary Safety
Section 8.44 PreSchool Transition
Section 8.45 School Age Transition
Section 8.46 Early Intervention in Person Visit Policy
Section 8.47 Fairhaven School Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports
Section 8.48 Technology First