Pathway To Graduation

The goal of the program is to provide real work life experience to better prepare individuals for the transition into adulthood. The program helps develop skills focusing on independence, training and education. Individuals will learn employability skills leading to the goal of competitive employment in the community.

Transition To Work Team

The transition to work team consist of certified teachers, classroom assistants and job coaches, all serving the goal of help students prepare to leave high school. The transition from graduation to adult life can be difficult to maneuver and our team is here to help students manage their way through the process.

The Trumbull County Fairhaven Team works with students, families, teachers and other members of each student’s IEP team to develop personalized transition plans. Each plan takes into consideration preferences, interests, needs and strengths on the individual.

Alphabet Soup – A Guide to Disability Related Acronyms
Application for Vocational Services
POSTSECONDARY Transition Guide

Transition Services

420 Lincoln Way, Niles, OH 44446 | Phone: (330) 652-1613 | Fax: (330) 652-5864

Jessica Mazei
Transition Coordinator, 330-652-5811 ext 715

Jessica Mazei

Transition Coordinator

Lorie Preston

Transition Team

Jill Puckett

Transition Team